How to apply color for stage lighting design?

The stage performance art is a very comprehensive art that includes various stage settings and stage performance effects. The departments are include lighting, props, stage makeup, costume effects, etc.

These stage facilities can produce the best artistic performance and bring the audience a beautiful visual and auditory enjoyment. They are all flexible and adapt to […]

Why Stage Lighting is Vital for TV Shows?

The quality of TV shows is easily affected by many factors, especially for TV stage lighting design. With the continuous enrichment of new media means, we must start with the importance of TV stage lighting design, combining new equipment with Concept, for achieving the goal of innovation and development.

Improve the coordination of stage lighting […]

How to select lighting fixtures for a Wedding?

The wedding is no doubt one of the most memorable timing. And one key to successful weddings is their lighting.

In this article, we will walk you through the most common lighting types used at the wedding, and let you know why it is being loved by most of the event companies. So in case […]

What is SPOT / BEAM / WASH Fixtures?

For stage lighting, you will see most products are putting bullets into 3 main buckets: Wash fixtures, Spot fixtures, and Beam fixtures. you may wonder what is the difference between them and how to choose suitable fixtures for your projects.

Ultimately, your target is to get the most bang for your Buck in your lighting […]

How to Maintain Moving Head Lights?

How to install and replace the bulb?
Please refer to the supplier’s instructions to determine the life of the lamp, because the lifetime of it varies according to its different wattage and actual power consumption system design. Before replacing the bulb, make sure that the power supply cord has been unplugged from the socket to […]

The History of Stage Lighting Source

Stage lighting, together with music, scenery, costumes, props, make-up, and so on, builds a perfect comprehensive stage art cooperation so that the audience can enjoy it.

In the beginning, it was only used for lighting up the stage, adjusting the brightness and irradiation distance of light, but now it has developed into brightness change, dynamic […]